We have been holding onto this one for a while. It didn't seem right to share this when it wasn't seasonally timed with The Roosevelt's Wonderland lobby. So happy first anniversary to this couple! Previously we shared Amanda & Joseph's Engagement Pictures and Amanda's Bridal Shower. Check out our old posts for details about how they met and got engaged. 

Since Double Windsor was with Amanda & Joseph all weekend for multiple events we broke their wedding weekend into 3 posts. Earlier we shared the bachelorette bubbly brunch lingerie shower [Part 1]. We also shared previously the other events from the day before the wedding (rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, cocktail welcome party, etc.) [Part 2]. Finally, we are now sharing the usual wedding day content for you [Part 3]. 

We are thrilled to share part 3 of Amanda & Joseph’s Waldorf Wonderland Wedding in The Blue Room at The Roosevelt Hotel, New Orleans. As you know, this was more than just a wedding shoot for us. We were able to really get to know the bride and groom as well as their families while we captured such a wonderful weekend! The bride and groom knew their vision from the start and selected some amazing vendors who brought their dream to life perfectly! 

Hope you love the photos as much as we loved taking them!

Early Morning Festivities

We arrived very early in the morning as a surprise to capture Amanda and Ann Megan (little sister and maid-of-honor) waking up. We don't normally get these shots but over the months of working with this family we learned that Amanda is very much a morning person and Ann Megan is not. We heard stories about Amanda's usual morning excitement and annoying way of "steam rolling" her sister to wake her up. It sounded way too funny for us to miss, and we were right! These two girls take sister goals to a whole different level with their personalities and matching pajamas (they have numerous matching pajama sets making this is a normal occurrence). These photos are some of the most FUN and AUTHENTIC we have ever taken.

While the girls started having hair and makeup done, Amanda stepped out for a quick quiet breakfast with her dad (they have a Saturday morning breakfast date tradition). There were a ton of special details that really made this event stand out! The bridal suite door was decorated with the couples MW monogram (the first letter of their last names). Actually their MW monogram was used everywhere we looked keeping this event consistent with custom accents. The bridal party all had a personalized coverup on a custom hanger, the cutest was definitely the flower girl on "Petal Patrol"! 

After breakfast hair and make up for the all the girls was in full swing with the awesome team from Hello Gorgeous!

The groom loves the outdoors so he wore cowboy boots with his tux (his one and only request for the day) and gave his groomsmen RTIC camouflage mugs with cigars to enjoy while they got ready.

The bride and groom sent cards over to each other with sweet messages that brought each other to tears. 

The bridal party gifts were sparkly pave crystal earrings as a thank you for them helping Amanda "sparkle" on her big day. Lavinnia, the flower girl, was also given a handkerchief with the sweetest poem commemorating her significant role as their matchmaker.

At the bachelorette brunch, Megan and Danielle gave Amanda a Kate Spade love charm she hooked to her bracelet for the wedding. The broach on the back of Amanda's wedding dress is actually her grandmothers old earring. Her bouquet had a handkerchief from her baptism, rosary from her first communion, and sorority badge. 

First Look

The girls got the very first sighting of the bride followed by Amanda's dad.

Every couple has to decide how they feel about doing a first look. We knew the day we met Amanda and Joseph they were not going to be able to be apart until the ceremony and would do a first look. They wanted a private moment for just the two of them to pray together before we joined the rest of the wedding party on The Roosevelt rooftop. We couldn't have asked for a more perfect location to take a few pictures before the ceremony!

After some final touches and a couple pictures in the Waldorf Wonderland lobby we realized that things were running more smoothly than imagined and we were ahead of schedule! This was a huge treat for us since it meant we were able to do something unique and take some special shots of the bride and groom with the New Orleans street cars on Canal Street.

Ceremony at Immaculate Conception Jesuit Church

The music and reading selection for their ceremony was beautiful! The love between Amanda and Joseph was abundant and felt by everyone present. There were very few, if any, dry eyes in the church.

Second Line Through the Waldorf Wonderland Lobby at The Roosevelt

After the ceremony Andrew's Family Band got the party started in the street while Amanda's little cousins showed everyone how to use the handkerchiefs they passed out earlier! Then we second lined from the church, through The Roosevelt Waldorf Wonderland Lobby, and into The Blue Room. We have plenty of first hand experience with strangers watching and celebrating while our couples second line. However, it was truly something magical being able to watch the wedding guests faces as they entered the lobby as well as the faces of strangers in The Roosevelt as we paraded through.

Reception in The Blue Room at The Roosevelt

In addition to the usual first dances the bride and groom did a special thank you toast and dance with the family that introduced them.

Amanda and Joseph were adamant about wanting all of their guests to dance and have a great night but they also wanted to respect the history of The Blue Room. The couple wanted Bag of Donuts but felt their standard costumes wouldn't be appropriate for The Blue Room. Bag of Donuts were amazing by respecting and accommodating the couples decision. The band even brought in a horn section as a tribute to The Blue Room history as a surprise for the bride and groom! Bag of Donuts completely ROCKED The Roosevelt and had everyone on their feet!